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icons. Doctor Who, Ashes to Ashes, Life on Mars,
Community, Miranda, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Happy Endings, Cougar Town, Parks and Recretion

for theiconquest chapter two - main quest - mentors. ofthesea - and more specifcally her Doctor Who icons: rich,
natural colours, simple crops and the use of light textures.

for the Doctor Who Battle @ theiconquest, + 2 alts

for the Sitcom Battle @ theiconquest

for the A2A/LoM Battle @ theiconquest

hover over icon for number;
credit either in_the_end or tryingtorevive;
textless icons are not bases;
comments are <3

If you're a member at theiconquest then please check out my shop...
Tags: .icons, icons: tv. ashes to ashes, icons: tv. community, icons: tv. cougar town, icons: tv. doctor who, icons: tv. happy endings, icons: tv. himym, icons: tv. life on mars, icons: tv. miranda, icons: tv. new girl, icons: tv. parks and rec
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