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icons. Doctor Who, Ashes to Ashes, Harry Potter, Atonement for 20inspirations.

These were made for the last ever round at 20inspirations. I haven't been a member long, and RL has got in the way of me entering the last couple of rounds, but I've really enjoyed the challenges and will miss the monthly inspiration posts. This round is 'About Me' and members are encouraged to create their own inspiration post. SUCH FUN.

inspirational makers.

gosh_darn_icons / hauntes / killcolor / letsey_x / marylou_gr

favourite icons by me.

tumblr graphics.

pauvremelodynelson / mintgum

my favourite tumblr graphics.
tumblr_lji51ikAtz1qzgsgco1_500 tumblr_lp5cmfm7I81qzgsgco1_500
my tumblr


favourite tv show --> doctor who

favourite couple --> alex and gene

favourite film(s) --> harry potter

favourite book --> atonement

please credit either in_the_end or tryingtorevive;
if you take someone elses work included in this post, please credit the maker;
comments are ♥
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